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Windsor Academy has approximately 13,000 square feet with 10 classrooms and one multipurpose room.  Along with the Windsor Athletic Club’s facility, which includes a professional swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and a performance hall, Windsor Academy can provide a full range of fun activities for your children.  Windsor Academy is now accepting registrations for Preschool, Kindergarten, and After-school programs (2.5 to 13 years old).


Enrichment Programs

Register and then choose West Windsor location.

Featured Courses

NEW IN 2020! Theater & Public Speaking
Students will learn Public Speaking through fun theater activities and exercises.  They’ll learn diction, articulation, projection and gain confidence while having fun playing dramatic games and performing scenes!

★ Chinese Language

Two sets of textbooks are adopted for teaching simultaneously so that the students will build up a solid foundation for their Chinese language study.

Swimming, basketball, tennis, Kung Fu, fencing, badminton and other courses are provided.

Art Courses 
Painting, music, theater and more courses will develop their interest and passion for the arts.

Note: Parents pick-up can be extended to 7 pm with additional $50/month.

Tuition (September 5th - June 19th)

After School Days/Week Yearly Tuition Yearly Transportation
5 days/week $4275 $1000
4 days/week $3705 $800
3 days/week $3135 $600
2 days/week $2565 $400

Tuition Payment Plan (3 payments)

Due Date 5 days/week 4 days/week 3 days/week 2 days/week
1st payment with $50 registration fee At time of registration $1500 $1300 $1100 $900
2nd payment 9/15/2019 $1500 $1300 $1100 $900
3rd payment 1/15/2020 $1275 $1105 $935 $765
Note:Registration will be considered invalid without payment.
Half of the transportation fee should be paid before 9/15/2019.
Another half should be paid before 1/15/2020.

Students from Dutch Neck, Maurice Hawk, Millstone River and Village school have WW-P School bus transportation covered.
NO additional transportation fee is required.

Q & A

Will Windsor Academy follow the local public school holiday schedule?
Windsor Academy’s School Calendar is in sync with the West Windsor – Plainsboro (WW-P) Public School Calendar. On non-national holidays, Windsor Academy will offer Holiday Care ($60/day) for the students. Please refer to our school calendar for specific arrangements.

Will Windsor Academy provide kids care for the early dismissal days of the WW-P public schools?
The tuition for After-school includes the cases of Early Dismissal. The students can choose to have their lunch at Windsor Academy.

How much should I pay at registration?
The After-school registration fee is $50 per student, nonrefundable, and the first tuition payment is $1,500 for 5 days/week, $1,300 for 4 days/week, $1,100 for 3 days/week and $900 for 2 days/week.

If I register my child for 3 days per week now, can I adjust his/her schedule to 5 days per week later?
Yes, you can. We will help to adjust the children’s After-school schedule at any time, as long as the class is not full, for the convenience of both the children and the parents.

Are there any extra charges for the recreation and sports classes?
All recreation and sports classes are paid separately. But, if the child signs up for 2 recreation and/or sports classes on the same day, there is no need to pay for the After-school Class. For example, if a child originally registered for the After-school Class of 5 days/week, but he/she also signs up for the Gaussian Math and Table-tennis classes on Friday, then Friday will not be counted as an After-school day. 

What is the quality of the Chinese Language Course in After-school?
Our teachers are all experienced in teaching and native Chinese speakers. The Chinese Language course will be conducted twice a week. The frequency of study, and the short learning intervals in-between classes, will directly raise the efficiency of learning. Our teaching with two sets of textbooks at the same time has greatly increased and enriched the reading content so that the scope of knowledge to be mastered is also greatly expanded. The students can lay a very solid foundation for their ongoing Chinese Language study, and the school will conduct regular tests and examinations to check their achievements in learning.

My children only want to sign up for After-school to do homework. Are they allowed to not take the Chinese Language Course?
Yes, certainly! Students who are in After-school 5 days/week and do not sign up for the Chinese Language Course will have a tuition deduction of $475 from the annual cost, subtracted from the 3rd payment installment.

Is there a credit policy?
Tuition is not transferable. It is understood that no credit will be given for emergency camp closings, absences, family vacations, illness, etc.

2019 - 2020 Calendar

You can open and download the Windsor Academy School Calendar here.